TruTrak Auto Pilot
Seawind Installation

Three days in October, 2002 changed the course of autopilot installations in Seawind airplanes forever. These were the three days that Jim Younkin and his crew had the opportunity to install their top-of-the-line autopilot system in Seawind N711AT. Jim discarded old theories and installation techniques as unworkable due to too much lost motion, the principal enemy of all autopilot systems. What you see in the following photographs is the end result of a brilliant mind solving problems that all Seawind owners have endured for a long time. We are an authorized dealer for the entire line and invite your inquiry.

Left to Right: Andrew, Paul, Chuck, Jim, Jody, Mike, Ada and Seawind N711AT, the willing test bed for three days of test flights, tweaking, and education on the handling qualities of the airplane.


Pitch and yaw servos mounted atop second access cover behind BH 141. Capstans drive bridle cables down and rearward around a miniature four-pulley set where they then are clamped to the flight control cables. In this manner all inputs from the servos are a pulling action directly to the elevator and rudder.


Roll servo installation on right control yoke. This concept has proven to eliminate the majority of lost motion that plagues the competitorís systems. The TruTrakís compact servo design allows for this installation position. Competitive servos are too large to be mounted in this location, making TruTrak the only logical choice for the Seawind airplane.

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